A fashion analyst living in Tokyo will introduce Tokyo's fashion, food, art, design, nature, etc. from the perspective of locals.


A tour of the rooftop gardens of department stores & commercial facilities in Ginza. The rooftop of Ginza Six was truly an urban oasis.

Tokyo is lined with countless commercial buildings, including department stores and fashion buildings. Naturally, every building has a rooftop, and there are a surprisingly large number of commercial facilities in central Tokyo whose rooft…

From Nishiogikubo to Kichijoji. secondhand book. old clothes. A ramen shop with excellent replacement balls.

I had a business in Shinjuku that day, so I decided to take the Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Kichijoji. I rarely go to Kichijoji from Shinjuku, so when I checked the route on Google Maps, I noticed that I was passing through Nishiogikubo. Th…