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Designer's clothing

The sanctuary Comme des Garcons Aoyama store and the ramen in the back alley.

This time, the setting was Aoyama. On this day, I arrived at the Omotesando subway station at about 11:30 am. Since I was already hungry, I first went out of the B1 exit of Omotesando station and entered the alley on the left side of the s…

From Nishiogikubo to Kichijoji. secondhand book. old clothes. A ramen shop with excellent replacement balls.

I had a business in Shinjuku that day, so I decided to take the Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Kichijoji. I rarely go to Kichijoji from Shinjuku, so when I checked the route on Google Maps, I noticed that I was passing through Nishiogikubo. Th…