A fashion analyst living in Tokyo will introduce Tokyo's fashion, food, art, design, nature, etc. from the perspective of locals.

Entries from 2022-08-01 to 1 month

A tour of the rooftop gardens of department stores & commercial facilities in Ginza. The rooftop of Ginza Six was truly an urban oasis.

Tokyo is lined with countless commercial buildings, including department stores and fashion buildings. Naturally, every building has a rooftop, and there are a surprisingly large number of commercial facilities in central Tokyo whose rooft…

The sanctuary Comme des Garcons Aoyama store and the ramen in the back alley.

This time, the setting was Aoyama. On this day, I arrived at the Omotesando subway station at about 11:30 am. Since I was already hungry, I first went out of the B1 exit of Omotesando station and entered the alley on the left side of the s…